8 Shou Sugi Ban Inspos

8 Shou Sugi Ban Inspos

Giving you all the facts about "Shou-Sugi-Ban." If you haven't heard it before, it is an ancient Japanese technique used to preserve wood by charing it with fire. Its antique method is followed by cooling the flames, cleaning it of any charred residue, and then finishing it off by oiling the wood to make the grain pop. Sounds pretty darn cool, right? I first heard about the technique watching good ol' Fixer Upper a couple of years ago in the episode where Chip and Jo renovated this Boat House. It has been a style that has caught my attention ever since. I often question why Floridians aren't pursuing more of this!

Shou Sugi Ban siding is low maintenance and naturally resistant to any insects. By charring the wood, it helps keep the wood strong and highly resistant to any moisture damage. Making it the perfect organic wood siding for us fellow Floridians living in highly humid areas.

The appearance of the beautiful, striking dark grain certainly sparks conversation once witnessing its beauty. The ancient technique has made its way into modern and contemporary architecture, perfecting its trade throughout its time.
Here are eight Shou-Sugi-Ban inspos that have caught my eyes.


Kalle & Inga Oikari & Eastwest Architecture

Open Studio Collective & Nakamoto Forestry

Nakamoto Forestry

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