6 Different Subway Tile Patterns

6 Different Subway Tile Patterns

Subway tiles have been around for decades. It initially gained recognition and its name in the United States in 1904 as New York’s iconic first subway station. In Victorian times, people were obsessed with hygiene and sanitation. Not only are they extremely affordable, but they are incredibly durable. Across the globe, people took notice of the crisp white tile and started incorporating them into their homes.

In modern times, we have adapted to perfect the trade. For example, there are now different ways to lay down subway tiles. 

We took the time to find 6 fun subway tile patterns you can consider for your next tiling project.


1: Offset

 Magnolia / Heidi Caillier 



2: Vertical Offset Bond & Vertical Running Bond



3: Straight Herringbone



4: Vertical Stacked Bond



5: Cross-Hatch



6: Traditional Herringbone


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