Devoted Love For Calacatta Viola Marble

Devoted Love For Calacatta Viola Marble

This week on the blog, we discuss the ever-so-beautiful Calacatta Viola Marble. The sophisticated cabernet-like veining and soft cream white background color are undoubtedly beautiful. Taking the throne as the oldest quarry in Italy, this marble carries all the elegance and grandeur. It is the perfect balance of traditional and modern, making it an ideal choice for those who love making statements.

Calacatta Viola is quite versatile and brings in a unique ambiance, especially when paired with darker materials with brass and copper accents.

The striking marble has made its way into America and our hearts! As of lately, in general, marble has evolved beyond the kitchen. You’ll notice custom marble fireplaces, tables, bathtubs, flooring, and so on.

Here are some perfectly imperfect, veiny, delicious Calacatta Viola Marble examples to gather some inspiration for your next project. 


Design by Tom Mark Henry for 1888 Cerified

Design by Heidi Caillier

Design by A.R Rivani 

Design by Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent


Design by Sara Sherman & Design by Amber Lewis

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