Favorite Sunscreens I Swear By

Favorite Sunscreens I Swear By

Heliophillia - one attracted or adapted to sunlight.

If you know me, you know I adore the sunshine. Sunny days are euphoric for me. However, being a Florida native, there are pros and cons to living in this sunshine state. The pro is I will always be a happy camper because almost every day in Florida is a sunny day. The con? Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers here.

I wear some sort of SPF on my face every day to protect myself from everyday sun exposure, and having experimented with many brands; I noticed differences between cheaper regular drugstore sunscreens and the more expensive ones.

Factors that take into account is the percentage of Zinc Oxide sunscreen contains. Zinc Oxide is the only ingredient in sunscreens that thoroughly blocks UVB and UBA. Percentage of zinc matters! Less than 5% isn’t enough to protect your face. Unfortunately, most drugstore brands offer less than 5% zinc oxide.

Therefore, I recommend purchasing a sunscreen that has 5-20% zinc oxide. I go back and forth between a few sunscreens depending on the lifestyle I am enduring that day and the season I am in.

If I know, I will be indoors such as working. I will apply a 5 - 7% zinc oxide sunscreen or simply wear my favorite tinted moisturizerIf I will be outdoors most of the day, whether jogging or enjoying an outing. I will choose my handy 15% zinc oxide sunscreen to wear that day.

Not all skin is created equal and not every season is the same. For example, when the humidity is down in Florida, I notice my skin feels irritated and dry so I will swap and use any sunscreen with a more dewy moisturizing component to it. I receive a lot of questions about what I use for my skin. So I thought It was suitable I'd share the sunscreens I swear by!










1: Summer Fridays BroadSpectrum SPF 30

2: Drunk Elephant SPF 30

3: SuperGoop SPF 40

4: La Mer SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid

5: Aesop Avail Facial Lotion w/ Sunscreen

6: Salt & Stone Tinted Sunscreen Stick SPF 50



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