Introducing Bougie On A Budget

Introducing Bougie On A Budget

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to all things home, I am quite bougie. I am the type that will have no problem spending thousands on a couch rather than a piece of clothing. To each their own! So while I enjoy scouting the web for antiques and vintage furniture, finding items that look similar to what I want when budgets are stretched too thin is also a win in my book.

In 2017 when Jordan and I moved in with each other, we found ourselves in a pickle trying to decorate our old Seminole Heights home; we were both on strict budgets at the time and felt defeated with our subpar furniture. Our Ikea furniture just wasn't doing our home justice, let alone staying together. I remember vividly constantly walking through Restoration Hardware in South Tampa, which opened two years prior, dreaming of the days I could afford those pieces. So I made it my mission to still get what I wanted while sticking to my budget. Fast forward six years later, and I am still making the habit!

Another site that I hold dear to my heart will always be Etsy. I scout 50% of my light and plumbing fixtures when the real piece isn't in the cards and not only are you supporting small business's through them, but you can legit find items almost precisely like the real thing.

So without further ado, today we introduce Bougie On A Budget & Etsy Finds!

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Image - Herman Miller

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