Leading With Love

Leading With Love

If you are open, they will be open.
If you are closed, they will be closed.
If you are vulnerable, they will be vulnerable.

"The key to leadership is to lead with love. Leading with love means knowing and caring about what inspires and empowers people. It’s about caring enough to know what is important to them and helping them succeed. Leading with love is the key to leadership success. To lead effectively, you must love the people you are leading". 

- Lolly Daska


We put so much emphasis on love, as we should. Yet, so many will interpret it in their unique way, and aside from the feeling of it, I noticed love doesn't always have to be romantic or analytical. Instead, love can be straightforward and resilient. I am not a love expert, but a leader in my own unique story, and I learned that life becomes a whole lot easier when you choose to lead with it, no matter the circumstances, whether with business or personal relationships.

In business, when you lead with love, success follows. Demonstrating appreciation will, without a doubt, be reflected back to you. And as collaborative care remains fundamental, when you lead with positivity and compassion, you bring out the best in people. Loyalty and kindness are the driving forces in keeping your business afloat. As a result, people will meet and mirror you, and the hard work becomes that much easier. Often, culture tends to reinforce the convenience of having employees. Culture influences and prides itself in taking advantage of those who work alongside us. Instead of focusing on just ourselves, try to pour your time and attention into others with full intentions aside from distractions by being selfless and kind.

Life will throw curve balls, and in my personal relationships, leading with love in challenging situations was daring at times and often led me to unfortunate dead ends. But, as I take specific memories in, I wouldn't have known what I know now hadn't I taken risks, whether with romance or with friendships.

Reflecting on my life, I am grateful for the chance. My world could've been so different had I not put love first in the foreground. I continue to hold onto those close to me, leading my life with as much love as I am capable of giving with life and with business.


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